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Adelaide's Craft beers in cans

There are 39 craft breweries in SA, and they can be incorporated within a wine tour, or you can skip the wine and just sample the amber fluid!

Many breweries and indeed some wineries now brew beer and cider, and new ones coming on board all the time so this serves as some ideas for your beer tour.

We are fully licenced, so you can bring

your own drinks and consume them on the bus, including glass bottles/stubbies.

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Craft beer Adelaide paddle


Vale Ale is at Red Poles Cafe:
$10 Beer Paddle for Vale beers
$15 Beer Paddle for Fox Hat beers (By Vale Brewing)
Red Poles can offer a breakfast pizza ( house smoked bacon, baby spinach & mushrooms, topped with a poached egg) and a Vale Ale tasting paddle of beers for $25 a head between 9.30 and 11.30 am on weekends

Goodiesons Brewery $8pp (Max 12 people) WEBSITE

Smiling Samoyed Brewery at Myponga $12.50 PREPAID Beer paddle WEBSITE
Check out:
SA Life TV Clip

LUNCH Idea: Smiling Samoyed = Awesome Pizzas PLUS they have other brewers Craft Beers!

Oxenberry Farm $5pp (have their own cider) WEBSITE

Ekhidna Wines- They brew their own beers.
$10pp for a beer paddle WEBSITE

Shifty Lizard Brewery Cellar door opening early 2018
Craft beer Adelaide paddle


Gulf Brewery Small Paddle $11 (4 beers/ 300ml) or Large Paddle $17 (4 beers/700ml)  WEBSITE

GRUMPY'S had a fire in December 2016, so will be closed until they can rebuild. Hopefully not to long.(Ok it has been 13 months so far!) Grumpy's Brewhaus 5 x 200ml beers for $20
(Strictly NO Bucks groups) WEBSITE

Prancing Pony Brewery - Totness (Near Mt Barker)
$15pp Tasting Plank; Mornings only.

The Hahndorf Inn - Arcobrau Bierhaus
(German Craft Beer Hall) $15 for Beer Paddle



Lobethal Bierhaus (Mornings only) $15 Beer Paddle

Coming soon Mismatch Brewing Cellar Door in Nairne WEBSITE

Craft beer Adelaide paddle


Pirate Life Brewery $22 Paddle (Over a litre of beer) WEBSITE Plus $10pp for a Brewery tour


Palais on Hawker Tasting Room $22 Paddle WEBSITE
Imported beer tasting paddle of 5 beers $22 per paddle

Little Bang Brewery $15 Paddle WEBSITE
Open 12noon to 9pm Friday's and Saturday's and 12noon to 5pm on Sunday's.

Lady Burra Brewhouse $15 Paddle WEBSITE
Open 10am Tues to Friday and 12noon on Saturday's.

Big Shed Brewing Concern $15 Paddle WEBSITE
Curious Squire $15 Paddle WEBSITE


No paddles, but your get a free taste of one beer, and then purchase what your would like to drink.

Wheaty Brewing Corps WEBSITE

In the Wheatsheaf Hotel, just buy beers off tap!

LUNCH Ideas: Highway Hotel, Nola Bar, Kings Head or Big Shed Brewery
(All have great selections of craft beers)

Craft beer Adelaide paddle


Barossa Valley Brewing $18pp Beer paddles WEBSITE

Greenock Brewers $5pp Beer Flyte of 3 beers WEBSITE

Rehn Bier Tanunda $15pp Beer paddle WEBSITE

Stein's Taphouse $20pp Beer Flyte of 5 beers of your choice WEBSITE

Craft beer Adelaide paddle


Clare Valley Brewing Co WEBSITE

Knappstein Brewery WEBSITE

Pikes Wines and Beers WEBSITE
Craft beer Adelaide paddle

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We are fully licenced, so you can bring

your own drinks and consume them on the bus.

Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

Craft Beer Tours Adelaide

Note: Only Cans of beer, cider, UDL's etc allowed on the bus.

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