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FOUND A TURTLE? What to do?


First check to see if has been injured or run over.


Keep it safe in a bath or large tub with water at least 3 inches deep. If bubbles start coming out of its shell when it is in water remove from the water, as it may have a hole or crack in it's shell and take it to a vet.


Make sure cats and dogs can't get to where the turtle is.


If when it is handled it emits a musky smell and seems shy, it is probably  a wild turtle. If it seems friendly, and looks like it is used to people, it is  probably someone's pet, and take a photo, and we can put the details below.


Just send us an email:


Please don't release a pet turtle into a lake or river, as it won't be
 able to compete for food or know how to find food and will die.


If you want to keep it for a period of time in the hope the owner my  come, feed it raw meat with no fat, raw chicken, or raw seafood. You can also purchase frozen "Turtle Dinner" cubes from most pet shops.


If you can't keep it, and we can't rehouse it, best thing to do is give to the RSPCA.  Click here for details of their SA Lonsdale Animal Shelter.


Click here for a pdf on Turtle Care.


If you have any questions email Adam at:


About us:

My wife and I  have a large pond where we could keep Turtles that may have been found, or where they have out grown their tanks or aquariums. Unfortunatley this pond is now full, so we can't take any more Turtles.


We have had over 35 years experience with Turtles and have taken many in and given them a good home. We aren't however Vets, so if your Turtle is sick, please take it to a Vet and get it proper care.

We use and recommend Glenside Vet Clinic.

Tell us if you also know a Vet that is good with Turtles.



Below is a video of our turtles going into the pond. It goes for 3 minutes,

and shows the Turtles in our pond being fed, and new turtles

 Astro and Southwark taking their first plunge. (Monday March 12th 2012)




Our 7m x 7m pond when first built January 2006 Some of our Snake Necked Turtles

We did some Turtle Conservation work on

Cape York Peninsula. This is a Flat Back

Turtle laying eggs near Mapoon, Far North Queensland.

8 Turtles on a Rock in the sun.
(January 2012)
Our pond waterfall Nan, our oldest Turtle, taking some food she
was hand fed, into the water to eat.
She laid 25 eggs with 16 hatching April 2011
Our three smallest Long Necked Turtles Millie, who spen 9 months inside, embarking
on her first adventure into pond heaven.
Food time........................... ....................... and hand fed.
Fun in the Sun!

For Turtle or Tortoise enquires email Adam on:



Here are some good websites on Turtles:

Help, I have lost my Freshwater Turtle!

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LOST: October 2019
Has anyone seen (or perhaps has been caring for) Roxanne's female short neck turtle? It has been missing since around October 2019 from the Athol Park area.Roxanne has been hoping that she would turn up, but she hasn't so far.
The turtle has a yellow patch, either side of her face.
She was a bit larger than a saucer, approaching the size of a bread and butter plate.

Ring Adam 0419 500 266

FOUND: Friday 26th March 2021

UPDATE. This turtle has been reinuted with it's owner!

Found near Salisbury Cemetery Carpark on Spains Road

Shell is 17.5cm in length

Call Cosi on 0491 711 525

LOST: Saturday 13th March 2021

Lost my turtle Tarquie from Warne Street, Redwood Park.
Last seen late morning, Saturday 13th March. Quite large, shell is the size of a small side plate. He is 27yrs old, & I'm crossing my fingers he is found safe & sound.

Call Adam 0419 500 266








LOST: Sunday 10th January 2021

22yo Short Neck lost in the Grange area around the Grange Golf Club.

Call Zoe 0404 651 118

FOUND: Monday 4th January 2021

Millswood Cresent MILLSWOOD

Call Adam 0419 500 266











FOUND: Friday 23rd October 2020

Hamilton Road McLaren Vale

Call Adam 0419 500 266

FOREVER HOME REQUIRED: Posted Tuesday 6th October 2020

Do you have a home for a freshwater Murray River Short Neck Turtle?

Elvis is a freshwater Murray River Short Neck Turtle that is requiring a forever home.


Elvis has been a class pet for over 15 years, I am not exactly sure of his exact age as he was given to me as a young turtle.

Being a much -loved class pet, involved Elvis living in a large tank at school during the week and then going to children’s homes on weekends and in holidays.

On these occasions Elvis would swim in baths and wander and explore both inside and backyards of homes.


He is a very engaging, friendly character who enjoys human company. We say he does his hungry dance in his tank in the morning when he is ready to be fed.

He likes to eat mealworms and frozen turtle food.

His shell is 20 cm x 18 cm.


Turtles as pets may have a life span of up to 30 years.

Elvis is needing a home where he will still have human contact, be talked to and be fed and cared for. His tank can be included but it is not the suitable size for Elvis to be kept in all the time. We are not sure how friendly he is with other turtles?

I will not be teaching a class of children next year and Elvis is in need of a forever home.

Pauline McAuliffe

Grange Primary School


Please contact me via email and please include your contact phone number




FOUND: Monday 5th October 2020

Found behind house at 5 Macfarlane Street, Glenelg North

Contact Adam on 0419 500 266


FOUND: Sunday 20th September 2020

Found on Skye Court, Aberfoyle Park

Contact Adam on 0419 500 266

LOST: Saturday 21st December 2019

Lost in the Croydon area.

Call Sophie on 0432 058 874 if found.


FOUND: Saturday 8th December 2019

Found in in the Seacliff area.

Call Adam 0419 500 266

FOUND: Saturday 14th November 2019

Found in our back yard at Hyde Park near King William Raod

Call Adam 0419 500 266


LOST: Friday 25th January 2019

Squirtles the Turtle went missing on Military Road Henley Beach South

Her shell is about 12cm in width and she is in fantastic condition but has a tiny whitish spot on her back where the shell is missing.

Call: Carolyn Bennett 0412 877 709

FOUND: Wed 31st Jan POSTED Saturday 3rd February 2018

Short Necked Turtle, corner of Lockwood and Chisholm Ave Burnside

Call Zuzana Mob: 0401 158 324


FOUND: POSTED Wednesday 24th January 2018

Short Necked Turtle, KILBURN SA

Call Adam 0419 500 266

FOUND: POSTED Saturday 13th January 2018

My aunty found a turtle on Naperian Road Salisbury North.

0435 582 202. Sms only please.

FOUND: POSTED 21st October 2017

Found Long Neck in a Garden in Westbourne Park.

Call Cobi 0499 565 865

FOUND: POSTED 23rd September 2017

Found in Longwood.

On Woolcock, Morgan or Scott Creek Roads, near Deviation Rd Winery.
Approx 12 year old Long Neck turtle.

Area found:

 Call Adam 0419 500 266

FOUND: POSTED 19th April 2017

Found crossing St Peter's Girls School oval, Stonyfell.

 Call Adam 0419 500 266.


FOUND: POSTED 20th March 2017

Found at Old Noarlunga 19th March. Call Adam 0419 500 266.

FOUND: POSTED 28th December 2016

Found at Maslins Beach 28th Dec 2016. Approx 15cm shell.
Markings on neck.  Call 0414301279.

MISSING: POSTED 12th March 2016

Missing-our 15 year old family pet turtle from the Lewiston area, Thursday 3rd March 2016.

If you find her please contact Mark 0478 806 118

FOUND: POSTED 18th February 2016

Found in Willunga St, Eden Hills 16th February.

Call Adam on 0419 500 266

FOUND: POSTED 9th February 2016

Found crossing road near sewage works Glenelg North Saturday 6th Feb.

Call Adam on 0419 500 266

FOUND: POSTED 9th February 2016

Found on Fisher St Myrtle Bank Monday 8th February

Call Adam on 0419 500 266

FOUND: POSTED 19th January 2016

Glenelg North, near the Glenelg Golf Club. Not sure if it’s a lost pet or wild.
Shell is approx.. 10 cm at widest point.

Please contact Michelle 0403 328 615

LOST: POSTED 29th December 2015

I have lost my little turtle Winnie. Please, if you find it or know of someone that has seen it, let me know, I'll really appreciate it. 

Turtle lost in West Croydon area.

Call Dayan 0449 764 907

FOUND: POSTED 8th December 2015

Found Westbourne Park.

Call Vicky 0417053897


LOST: POSTED 14th March 2015


Our Murray River short neck turtle escaped his enclosure between 7-12th of March.

Our house is in the Ovingham/Bowden area. His name is Pablo and he has a small chip on the edge of his shell.

Hamish 0400 938 615

POSTED 16th February 2015

Found Pole Road at Ironbank:

Please phone Adam 0419 500 266 if it is yours.

POSTED 9th February 2015

Found it one road from the lake at West Lakes

Reunited with owner. Had escaped from it's outdoor pond!

FOUND: POSTED 4th January 2015
Long necked turtle that was found today on Douglas at in Elizabeth Downs. We found the poor little guy in the middle of the road, so lucky we didn't run him over!
Phone 0420944066

FOUND: POSTED 28th November 2014

Found on 23rd November 2014, on Torrens Road, Croydon Park outside Papaya Thai Restaurant. One long neck Turtle.

Please phone Rebecca 0417 792 596 if it is yours and hopefully we can reunite with owners.

LOST: POSTED 27th March 2014


2 Year old Freshwater Shortneck Turtle 'Hercules' missing since Sunday 16th March from Anselm St, Christie Downs home. Hercules is olive brown, 10cm across his shell, and a timid, friendly little guy. Has gone walkabout into the neighbourhood, and will be in need of water! Missing him and very concerned. If you see him please pick him up and call me urgently!

Danielle 0404091715

LOST: POSTED 2nd Feb 2014

Murray river short neck called Blinki lost in Hallet Cove area.

Please call Kirsty on 0404 151 218 if found. 

FOUND: POSTED 30th September 2013

 Barracks Road Highbury/Hope Valley. Contact Details: Kay 0419 860 086

LOST: POSTED 25th September 2013

Murray river short neck lost Tuesday 24th Sept Sheidow Park area Phone:0407 797 843

FOUND: POSTED 4th May 2013

This short neck turtle was found in Brighton in early May.
If it is your call Adam 0419 500 266

FOUND: POSTED 1st April 2013 (no joke)

Found turtle in Second Street St Peters.
Call Mark on 0466 976 413 if you think it is yours.


FOUND: POSTED 29th March 2013

Found turtle in Demaret Ave Fairview Park.
Call Ian on 0411 128 780 if you think it is yours.


FOUND: POSTED 20th March 2013

Found turtle in Braemar St Torrens Park.  

POSTED April 10th This turtle has been reunited with her owner!

Call Adam on 0419 500 266 if you think this is yours. 

FOUND: POSTED 3rd February 2013

Found turtle in Finniss Terrace, Burnside.

Call 0413 000 041 if you think it is yours.

LOST: POSTED 2nd February 2013

I have lost my Eastern Long Neck turtle ‘Theo” Last seen at  lunchtime on Jan 13th 2013 at our home at Maslin Beach. Shell size is approx. 15cm.

POSTED February 27th Theo has found his way home!

FOUND: POSTED 26th January 2013

This short neck was found not far from Semaphore Park beach/Point Malcolm Reserve, in the middle of the road on Recreation Parade.


 If this is your turtle call Tennille


FOUND: POSTED 24th January 2013

This long neck was found crossing Bald Hills Road Mt Barker.

If it is yours, email Adam adam[at]

LOST: POSTED 11th January 2013

 Murray short neck turtle in Elizabeth area. Turtle is about 15cm in size. Very timid. Missing after 6am on 10/1/13.

If found please call please call or sms Ruth


Thank you so much our turtle has been found. He had walked to the pet shop and hid under their bin. They took him in and put him in a sink.
Kind regards, Ruth

LOST: POSTED 11th November  2012

We have lost our long neck turtle Truffle in the Panorama area. He is about 14cm long.

If found please call Andrew 0410 645 185

LOST: POSTED 19th October  2012

We have lost our short neck turtle in Tidworth Cres Colonel Light Gardens.

If found please call  Neil 0410 689 329

FOUND: POSTED 19th March 2012

We have found a turtle on Cuming Street in Mile End.
I believe it is a pet but am not 100% sure.

UPDATE 4th April:
This Turtle, whose name is Patrick has now been reunited with his owners, two young boys.


FOUND: POSTED 19th March 2012

I found this turtle last night in the lake at West Lakes.

If it is yours give me a call.

Warmest Regards,

Karly 0407111378

LOST: POSTED 18th March 2012

I have lost my turtle. We live in Aldinga SA on South Road and I have had my turtle for about 15 years and it is a long neck female. I called her Tom because I was told it was a boy but then I was told that it was a girl  so who knows but his/her name is Tommy.

If you should happen to come across him please could you email  me or ring 0414011471

Thanks Jacqui

FOUND: POSTED 17th January 2012

 In Salisbury Park, near Smedley Place this turtle was found.

We have now got it at Belair, so call Adam on 0419 500 266 if you think it is yours.

It is female and around 12 years old.

FOUND: POSTED 31st October 2011
n Springfield we found this turtle swimming in our pool.

Call Robyn on 0402 027 574 if you think it is yours.


FOUND: POSTED 30th October 2011

Is this your Turtle?

We found this on Gloucester Ave Belair, and it has a crack in its shell. It is about 20 years old.

22nd December Update:

Reunited with its owner. Johnny the turtle is now safely back with his owner, just in time to open
his Christmas presents.

LOST: Posted 4th Oct 2011

We have lost our short necked turtle, She was our class pet, and has never been in an outside enclosure untill we put her with our snake necked turtles, she went missing on Sat the 3rd of October. 

 We live very close to the ocean at Hallett Cove, please contact Karina on 0413 747 680 or 0871239083

FOUND: POSTED 18th April 2011

Is this your Turtle?

A gardener found this wandering Eldon St, West Croydon on Monday 18th April.


LOST: POSTED 2nd April 2011

Our 4 year old short neck Murray river turtle was lost on Macarthur Ave, Warradale last seen at 2pm 31st of March. We recently moved her into an outdoor enclosure which she has escaped from.
Her name is Gamera and is about the size of a small serving plate with a small dark mark on the right side of her shell.

If found please call Penny on 0439850849


FOUND: POSTED 2nd February 2011

Found in Coglin Street Brompton, SA.

Is this your Turtle?, then call Ray on 0422147062


LOST: POSTED 3rd January 2011

 We had 3 short necked turtles the size of dinner plates and they are 10 years old.

Four weeks ago we re-located our turtles from an inside tank to an outside area,

and unfortunatley they all escaped. We live on Springbank Rd at Lynton.


If you find one near this area please call Jessica on 0402363977 or email: bootcamp{at}



FOUND: POSTED 13th December 2010

We have found a Snake Necked Turtle in Melton St Blackwood, South Australia


This Turtle has been reunited with its owner. It was lost for over a year!!!


LOST: POSTED 27th September 2010

I have lost my Turtle, his name is Mr T... Its been between 4days - 1 week.......
We live at Firle South Australia and are 2 houses away from a catchment. I fear he may have wondered over and now cant get back.
I dont know how to describe him, His shell was nice, no rotting on the shell. He had a slight rigid shell and a pointy tail. 
We miss him so much, we've had him for 6 years. When we got him he was the size of a 50 cent coin.

Now he is the size dinner plate.

Please email me if I can be of further assistance. keileigh82[at]
Thanks, Keileigh


FOUND: POSTED 6th April 2010

We have found a Snake Necked Turtle around Ash Ave Belair, South Australia


LOST: POSTED 22nd DEC 2009

I have had 4 Turtles go missing from my pond in Gloucester Ave Belair. If you find any around

Jessie Brown Kindy please give me a call on 0404 848 245 or email angelad[at]

Thankyou Angela



Email Adam & Angela with any questions: adam[at]



Below is a collection of videos of miss treated Turtles.

We can't let this happen.

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